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Kyujanggak Data Survey Project

Project in Process

Project in Process
See Detail Change and Conflict in 19th-Century Society and Economy and the National System – Database of Kyujanggak Materials Related with the Lands of the Royal Family and Detailed Descriptions - (2011 - Present)
See Detail 『Old Document』 Publication Project (1986 - Present)
See Detail Korean Studies Archive Research Project: Commentaries on the Literary Collection of Kyujanggak (1993 - Present)
See Detail Korean Studies Archive Research Project: Research Study on Modern Government Records (1993 - Present)
See Detail Kyujanggak National Book Data Center Development Project (2008 - Present)
See Detail Humanities Korea Research Project (2008-2018)
See Detail Modern History of Korea and the Military (2009 - Present)

Completed Projects

Completed Projects
See Detail Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Royal Culture of the Joseon Dynasty (2008-2011)
See Detail Discovery, Organization, and Systematization of Official Documents on Imperial Finance During the Korean Empire Period – Development and Use of the Database of Official Documents of the Ministry of Imperial Household, 1-Ministry-7-Palace System, and “Jesil Jaesan Jeongni Gigu (Imperial Property Management
Organization)” in the Kyujanggak Collection - (2007-2010)
See Detail Organization and Commenting on Land Register (Yangan) during the Late Joseon Period - the Korean Empire Period (2007-2010)
See Detail Self-Representation of Colonial Authority: Propaganda Distributed by the Japanese Government-General of Korea and the State Effect, 1919-1936 (2007-2009)
See Detail Compilation Project of the Dictionary of State Rites of the Joseon Dynasty
See Detail Translation and Annotation of Government Office Documents Related to Crown Princes (2005-2008)
See Detail Decipherment and Translation of Cypher Gloss Inscribed with a Stylus Pen in the Avatamska Sutra (2005-2007)
See Detail Korean Modern State Records Systematization Project – Categorization and Use of Official Documents from the Reign of King Gojong – (2004-2007)
See Detail Organization of Defense Documents in the North Korean Region Produced in the Late Joseon Dynasty by County and Prefecture and Study of the Military System (2003-2006)
See Detail Basic Study on the Organization of Land Records in the Kyujanggak Collection and Publication of Lists (2003-2006)
See Detail Kyujanggak Collection Korean Studies Documents Organization Project – Uigwe and Royal Family Document Description Project - (2002-2005)
See Detail Research and Study on the Process of Converting Korean Traditional Oral Literature into Modern Performing Arts (2002-2004)
See Detail Study on the Development of the Hoa Binh Culture in Vietnam during the Prehistoric Era (2002-2003)
See Detail Study on the Formation of Modern Society and Culture in Korea (2002-2003)