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Kyujanggak, Journey of Korean Studies
Date: October 22 - December 15, 2012
Location: Kyujanggak Exhibition Hall

1.  Kyujanggak, Basic Assets of Korean Studies

Kyujanggak has such an extensive collection that it is often referred to as the “Repository of the Archival Culture of Joseon.”

2. Paving the Way for Korean Studies: Liberation - 1960s
The predecessors of today’s researchers pioneered independent Korean studies, despite the hardships of the Korean War, which broke out before a direction for Korean studies was firmly established after Korea’s liberation from Japan.

3. Lighting the Way for Korean Studies: 1970s
In 1975, Seoul National University moved its campus to Mt. Gwanak and established the Kyujanggak Texts Administrative Office, which enabled the systematic management of the Kyujanggak texts. The collection was enriched with ancient paperback texts and printing blocks that were transferred from the Office of the Editorial Review (Gyoseogwan) 

4. Pushing the Boundaries of Korean Studies: 1980s
Research manpower and methods were greatly expanded through efforts made in the preceding periods, and the lists and descriptions published by the Kyujanggak Texts Administrative Office helped researchers use the Kyujanggak materials more efficiently. 

◎ Intent of the Exhibition
The exhibition was designed to examine the major achievements of Korean studies using Kyujanggak materials and intended to urge both academic circles and civil society to develop an interest in the use of Kyujanggak materials.
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