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  The reading room belongs to the Division of Royal Archives and Rare Books in Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies. It consists of nine resource rooms; five stack rooms for old materials, three reference rooms, and a microfilm-room. In the room, there are eleven staffs responsible for managing and preserving the materials.
  We are very pleased to help and provide every person, from professional researchers to general people, with resources of information that they wish to find.
 The materials have a variety of forms such as original books(old materials), photo-prints, duplicates, image files, microfilms, modern books and so on.
  You can also use our main homepage online to find materials. Our web site has numerous images and a large database of bibliographic information.
  We have implemented a system that takes reservations for reading or requesting for duplication in advance. However, you may also visit and fill out the application form for using materials without a reservation.

How to use the reading room

1. Location : Kyujanggak Reading Room (1st Floor, Room 101)

2. Running hours : 09:30 ~ 17:30 from Monday to Friday

3. Reading materials
bullet Please keep your personal belongings in the lockers in front of the entrance. On the desk between the lockers, there are coins to use for the lockers.
bullet Food or drinks are not allowed in the room.
bullet First, you should fill out the application form for using materials if you did not make a reservation in advance. Our staff will bring them to you.
bullet Most of old materials, the originals, can be replaced with alternative materials such as microfilms, duplicates, photo-prints, or image files for preservation of the artifacts.
bullet You can also use our main homepage on the internet to find original images and information on collections.
bullet In addition, you can make reservations for reading online before the date of your visit. You can reserve up to five books for one day.
bullet You may not take pictures or possess image files that you have scanned with microfilm machine.
bullet When you make scan-files and print them, you have to pay the fee for the replica. The price is 100 Korean won per page. Also, the fee for copying other types of materials(except for the original and microfilms) with the copy machine by yourself is 50 Korean won per page.

4. Applying for duplication
bullet You may request for duplication in two different types; image files(jpg), and paper copy(A4).
bullet For the image files, you may request up to 5 kinds of books and under 10 pages for one time. This means that the number of images you can get from each book should be less than 2 or 3 pages. If you need all pages of a book, you should request for paper copies.
bullet For the paper copy, you may also request to a maximum 5 kinds of books, and the entire pages of a book can be copied. However, if the book has several volumes, we can copy some volumes that you need. The point in paper copy is that it is not limited to certain number of pages.
bullet Some image files that already exist in our homepage can be printed by your personal computer(free), but it can not be saved in your PC. When you need some materials in files, you should apply for image files, following instructions above.
bullet We also charge fees for making duplications in terms of conservation and management of cultural heritages.
bullet Every single image file costs 10,000 or 30,000 Korean Won depending on some factors(size, form, value)of the materials. It will take one to two weeks to receive the files on your computer. Sometimes, we may request from you an official notice explaining how and why you would like to use the images as the institutional staff.
bullet You need to pay a fee of 200 korean won per page in regard of paper copy, but sometimes it may be 500 korean won when it has no microfilm. Because in that case, we have to photograph the original one by one and then print it. Also, we will send the copies to you by delivery service with collectible freight(only in domestic). The delivery usually takes one to two weeks but it is possible to be delayed a little depending on the volumes of books.
bullet We cannot issue any kind of tax bill because we are a nonprofit corporation. Also, when you pay online by credit card or make the account transfer, we do not make extra receipt as well. If you need the receipt, you can print it online on your personal page in our Kyujanggak web site after making the payment.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to ask us. Thank you.
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