Faculty Study Group Subscriptions for 2007 - 2008

The Kyujanggak Institute for the Korean Studies calls for Faculty Study Group subscriptions for the latter half of 2007.

a. Purpose
The Kyujanggak Institute for the Korean Studies support Faculty Study Groups for active development of Korean studies. We aspire that professionals from various fields gather regularly to discuss certain themes to form research groups and develop strategy themes to achieve profound and creative study on various subjects on Korean studies.

b. Terms
- the chief of a group must be a faculty at SNU.
- Regular gatherings in the form of presentation and discussion must be operated.
- Start from after Sept. 2007 and end before August 2008, with minimum of 6 meetings.
- Presently running groups can also be applied for extension.
- The meetings should be held at the Kyujanggak Institute for the Korean Studies under the sponsorship of the institute.
- Discussions can either be private or open to the public.

c. Support
- Total budget: within 2,000,000 won (if the group is already being supported from another intitute, only less than 1,000,000 can be supplied.)
- Items and scales: actual expense for the seminars only (ex. presentation, copies, prints, food expense, etc.)

d. Applications
- Send the completed application form and estimate sheet to Yeri Kim.
- Inquiries: Prof. Eun-Su Cho (880-4039, escho@snu.ac.kr), Yeri Kim (880.5827, ellye@snu.ac.kr)
- Deadline: Sept. 21 (Fri), 2007
- Results will be informed at the end of September.

e. Judgement Standards
- Themes likely to contribute to the development of Korean Studies.
- Interdisciplinary research theme including diverse fields of study.

f. After Management
- Within a month of the end of the group discussions, submission of a result report and balance sheets is needed. The report can be written in free format, yet has to include the scholarly consequences and significance of the seminars.

(writer : admin, date : September 11, 2007)  
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