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International Workshop on the Korean War
The Actors: The Korean War, 60 Years after the Outbreak

International Workshop on the Korean War

“The Actors: The Korean War, 60 Years after the Outbreak”

사람들: 60 후에 다시 보는 한국전쟁



May 13-14, 2010

Venue: Seminar Room, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University (Building 103-Room 112)


Thu, May 13

10: 25 Welcoming Remarks: Prof. Noh Tae Don (Director, KIKS)

(1) Keynote Speeches


10:30  Rosemary Foot, Oxford University: The Korean War, 60 Years on: Strategic and Normative Consequences

11:15  Jung Keun Sik, SNU: Memory of the War after 60 Years


Lunch  (12:00)


(2) Inside – During and after the War (afternoon, May 13)



Choi Jung Gie, Jeonnam University: The Korean War - An Extension of Politics, or the Severance of Politics? - With an Emphasis on the Massacre of Civilians Before, During, and After the Korean War

Park Tae Gyun, SNU: The POW Question

Kim Young Mi, Kukmin University: People in the So-called “Recovered Area” by South Korea during and after the Korean War- The Case of Yangyang County, Kangwon Province




Kim Tae Woo, SNU: From the Limited War to the Unlimited War: The Aerial Bombing by the United States Air Force on North Korea during the Korean War

Kim Gwi Ok, Hansung University: Korean Division and Korean Diaspora: Focusing on Korean Residents in Japan



Dinner (17:30)


Fri, May 14

(3) Outside – During and after the War (morning, May 14)



Kim Dong Gil, Peking University: Adjustment of the Security Strategy of the Soviet Union: The Origin of the Korean War

Kanji Akagi, Keio University: The Impact of the Korean War on Japan




Laurent Quisefit, Université Denis Diderot: The Korean War as Seen from France: Public Opinion and Political Perceptions

Ryu Youngju, University of Michigan: Common People during the War


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