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International Workshop on the Korean War

International Workshop on the Korean War

“The Actors: The Korean War, 60 Years after the Outbreak”

사람들: 60 후에 다시 보는 한국전쟁



May 13-14, 2010

Venue: Seminar Room, Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Seoul National University (Building 103-Room 112)


Thu, May 13

10: 25 Welcoming Remarks: Prof. Noh Tae Don (Director, KIKS)

(1) Keynote Speeches


10:30  Rosemary Foot, Oxford University: The Korean War, 60 Years on: Strategic and Normative Consequences

11:15  Jung Keun Sik, SNU: Memory of the War after 60 Years


Lunch  (12:00)


(2) Inside – During and after the War (afternoon, May 13)



Choi Jung Gie, Jeonnam University: The Korean War - An Extension of Politics, or the Severance of Politics? - With an Emphasis on the Massacre of Civilians Before, During, and After the Korean War

Park Tae Gyun, SNU: The POW Question

Kim Young Mi, Kukmin University: People in the So-called “Recovered Area” by South Korea during and after the Korean War- The Case of Yangyang County, Kangwon Province




Kim Tae Woo, SNU: From the Limited War to the Unlimited War: The Aerial Bombing by the United States Air Force on North Korea during the Korean War

Kim Gwi Ok, Hansung University: Korean Division and Korean Diaspora: Focusing on Korean Residents in Japan



Dinner (17:30)


Fri, May 14

(3) Outside – During and after the War (morning, May 14)



Kim Dong Gil, Peking University: Adjustment of the Security Strategy of the Soviet Union: The Origin of the Korean War

Kanji Akagi, Keio University: The Impact of the Korean War on Japan




Laurent Quisefit, Université Denis Diderot: The Korean War as Seen from France: Public Opinion and Political Perceptions

Ryu Youngju, University of Michigan: Common People during the War


Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies HK Project Group Briefing Session

Title : Envoy Mission to Beijing and the Communication between Civilizations : A  Briefing Session Date : September 2, 2009, 15:00 Venue : Seminar room (112), Kyujanggak

Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies HK Project Group Special Lecture

Title :  Envoy Mission to Beijing and Record Paintings in the Late Chosŏn Period Speaker : Jeong Eunju (The Academy of Korean Studies) Date : August 5, 2009, 16:00 Venue : Seminar room (112), Kyujanggak

3rd Colloquium - Animals and Veterinary Medicine in Korean History and Culture

Title: Korean Animal Folklore Presenter: Dr. Cheon Jin-gi (Head of the Folklore Research Division, National Folk Museum of Korea) Date: May 14th, 2009 2:00 pm Place: Seoul National University College of Veterinary Medicine Bldg #85 Scofield Hall Sponsored by : SNU Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies, Research Institute for Veterinary Science Host : Conservation Genome Research Bank for Korean Wildlife <abstracts> Animals can have different symbolism at different times and places. From prehistoric times humans used animal symbolism to express their culture, religion and thoughts. Animal images can be found on rocks and cave walls as well as on the surface of potteries. These reflect the life and belief system of the ancient people. Previous works on animal folklore took largely three approaches: diachronic/synchronic approach, folk model/scientific model, and understanding the spatial system through the animals. Animal folklore researchers need to pay more attention on the characteristic details of archaeological finds. Various animals in Korean culture convey abundant cultural information as a symbolic system. Animal symbolism are the key to understand the hidden aspects of culture. For further details contact jdchun@snu.ac.kr

Kyujanggak Summer Workshop

From July 13 to July 25, 2008, the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies will host the 2nd Kyujanggak Summer Workshop. The purpose of this Summer Workshop is to provide an annual platform for graduate students and junior scholars of Korean studies to gain exposure to diverse disciplines and scholars outside their institution’s focus, as well as an opportunity to network with future colleagues. Furthermore, international graduate students are introduced to Korean language research on Korean studies and Korea-based scholars, two opportunities that are difficult to find outside of Korea. The workshop will focus on research methodologies of Korean studies through the examination of documentary and digital resources. The two-week program consists of a morning lectures on methodology, afternoon seminar discussions on current issues in Korean studies, and visits to SNU-based research institutes and archives such as the Institute for Unification Studies, the SNU main library, the Kyujanggak Archives, and the SNU Museum. Enrollment is capped at 25 students and financial support is provided for the workshop. The workshop will be conducted in Korean and in English. Lectures and seminar discussions will cover the following eight areas: Linguistics, classical literature, contemporary literature, pre-modern history, modern history, sociology, Confucianism, and Buddhism. Please check back for more information in late January. Or contact Annie Koh, program coordinator at the International Center for Korean Studies for further information via email at icks@snu.ac.kr or by phone at 02.880.2586.

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